Prosperity Retreat 

November 11-17, 2024

Join Veera and Mikaela in Montezuma, Costa Rica for 7 days and 6 nights journey in breathtaking views. Time to explore and unlock vitality, purpose, love and prosperity. 

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Physical vitality is the foundation of truly prosperous life. Through unlocking the healing powers of our cells we can transmute old wounds into strength and resilience. Feeling physically vital and vibrant includes having both strength and flexibility, which we will work on through yoga, mindful movement and dance. Of course food is medicine for the body, so we will nourish our bodies through delicious plant based and mostly locally sourced meals.



Life is not meant to be lived in a survival mode, but in order to feel truly prosperous we need to feel meaningful and purposeful in our lives. Understanding your purpose is not only about what you do in the world, but how you BE in the world. Knowing what kind of unique energy you bring is such a powerful notion. We will explore the theme of purpose on our retreat through practices and the spiritual science of Human Design.

Love & Relationships


A big part of a prosperous life is love & our relationships. Relationships can be used as a means for powerful growth, and we need skills to understand how to grow through relationships. We will explore ways in which to take responsibility for your own ‚Äústuff‚ÄĚ in relationships and how to work on making them deeper, more intimate and nourishing to yourself and the other.¬†If you want loving relationship, you need to become love yourself.



Financial prosperity can be a motivation to many, but we usually continue to struggle with money, until prosperity almost ‚Äúaccidentally‚ÄĚ comes to us, as a result of¬†working on our relationship to ourselves.¬†Once we've¬†removed the barriers of unworthiness, stepped into a place of self-love, and allowed abundance to flow through us, we can expect a remarkable shift. Then, money actually becomes fuel in supporting our¬†mission and contribution to the humanity.




November 11-17, 2024

Montezuma, Costa Rica


Join Veera and Mikaela for a week in an absolute paradise! This week has been carefully curated, starting from the venue we personally went to see before booking, to the program where we offer our best tools for transformation and introduce you to the best practitioners of the area.


Enjoy daily yoga, meditation and transformative practices at the two beautiful yoga decks of Aves Resort. Both overlooking the jungle and the ocean, a nice breeze keeping you cool while you listen to the exotic wildlife and smell the surrounding flowers. Meals  are served at the resort’s restaurant, lovingly prepared by local chefs. Sleep restfully in luxurious sheets in our private villa that has 6 bedrooms in 4 floors and a private pool.


Daily activities soothe your soul. Enjoy free time by the pool or beach, reading and journaling in one of the hammocks, sound healing with a local practitioner, Full Moon Cacao Ceremony by our mutual friend, additional services like massages or 1:1 work with Veera and/or Mikaela.

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Previous Retreat Guests Experiences

“Mikaela has an exceptional gift of attuning with each individual emotionally, spiritually and physically. In each area, she opens you doors and gives you directions but never pushes you to take any specific path (or any) of them if it’s not right for you at that moment. Learning with Mikaela is a genuinely reciprocal process where you feel respected and supported.
-Sara A., Finland


"Mikaela has been my source of inspiration for years. Her energy is uplifting and rooting at the same time; I feel that I get exactly what I need in her retreat or yoga class or mentoring session. I might not even be able to say what I need but she heals and guides me forward on my path every time we meet. Mikaela holds space with her joy of life and after attending her retreat I was purely me again. I trust and treasure my connection with her and am grateful to have her in my life." 
Maria I. Finland

“Before I came to this retreat I was really having a hard time feeling good about myself, hard time finding energy or motivation to do anything, my self-esteem was low and I really just needed a boost, a push forward. Meeting up with other like-minded people and taking part in meaningful and deep conversations was more important than I realized. Veera has a very bright light within her soul, she has a true passion for helping those around her and through her guidance and leadership I was able to take significant steps forward to process my feelings and emotions. The adventures away from the retreat were a wonderful and fun way to release stress, laugh and enjoy the day with other people and see new things. I am beyond grateful and appreciative to have found Veera and her retreat, it was one of the nicest gifts I’ve given myself this year and one that will last a lifetime. The light within me now shines brighter."

Stacey R.,USA

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Retreat Location

Aves, Montezuma


Montezuma is a small town in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. It is known for its artistic and spiritual vibe, and loved by many locals and tourists. Mikaela has spent most of her time in Costa Rica in Montezuma and has experience of leading a retreat in Montezuma. Veera also is familiar with Montezuma as she attended a retreat and visit a couple of times during the last 3 years of her living in Costa Rica.

Montezuma creates the opportunity to see the most beautiful sunrises as well as the Full Moon rises over the ocean. This is a big reason why Veera and Mikaela chose to host the retreat on a Full Moon, in order to provide this phenomenon to retreat participants through ceremony. 

Modernly decorated, Aves Resort is spread over a big piece of property and has a very special Pochote tree as its guardian. Staff and the owner are heart-centered service providers and will take the best care of you.

Aves Resort has two beautiful yoga decks, both overlooking the jungle and the ocean, and a private villa (where retreat guests are staying) and some additional rooms around the property. Guests have access to two pools, and there's also a private pool at the Private Villa that is only available for the retreat group! Private villa is located up on a hill (this means a bit of exercise to walk up and down), further from other guests nestled in the jungle. It has privacy, and a nice intimate feel for the retreat group to bond and build a trusting connections.

Montezuma town is approximately 3 km away but since Aves resort is located on a hill, the walk is quite strenuous as the hills are steep. We will arrange transportation on a few days to visit town and beaches.

Sound Healing

Have you already learned about the healing power of sound and frequency? Sound healing is a deeply relaxing and grounding tool for self healing. The sound healer uses singing bowls, gongs, koshi chimes and her own voice to bring us to a journey of deep relaxation, releasing of old energy and rewriting new connections in the brain.



Aves Montezuma has delicious, local and mostly organic food prepared by local chef’s. Costa Rican cuisine is simple and delicious with a lot of vegetables, fresh fruit and of course, their local coffee. We will be served vegetarian and pescaterian food, and we are happy to accommodate vegan and GF diets. If you have a specific diet feel free to ask us!


Montezuma Adventures

Besides observing nature from our villa and the yoga deck, Montezuma has a lot to offer. We will do a beach excursion and visit the town that has cute little shops and local artesans selling their hand made products. Zip lining, waterfall excursion, surfing and horseback riding are possible additional excursions.


Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

On the night of the Full Moon we will gather on the yoga deck to sit with mama cacao, the sacred plant medicine of Costa Rica. Cacao is gently heart opening medicine that can help us to access whatever is on our hearts, be it sadness, grief, joy or laughter! It is truly one of our favorite practices and we are excited to sit in a circle with you.

I want to experience all of this!

Co-Host Mikaela Soldan


Mikaela Soldan is a Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach and Human Design Expert with 10 years of experience working with people who wish to create powerful change in their lives. She studied yoga at ISHTA Yoga in New York City and has taught in NYC and Finland, and led retreats and teacher trainings worldwide. Mikaela is a Certified Life Coach since 2020 and has extensively studied Human Design. Her passion is to tap into each person’s unique potential and help carve out limitations standing in the way of that potential. Somatic, energetic and empowering coaching are Mikaela’s expertise, not to forget fun and laughter as the biggest transformational tools! 

Co-Host Veera Korjala


Veera Korjala is a Holistic Coach, Somatic Practitioner, and Ceremonialist supporting women in creating more authentic expression, emotional healing and connection to their hearts. Holding certifications in Yoga, Meditation, Mind-Body Coaching, Reiki and Chakra Energy Healing, she brings inspiration and empowerment to the lives of others to feel aligned and alive in their bodies, minds & souls.

Her decade of experience in Wellness Industry including leading international retreats, somatic mind-body coaching & women's moon ceremonies and sacred rituals allow you to experience high-quality instructions, guidance and healing space.

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Private King Bed Suite

$3,500 $3,300 per person


$6,400 $6,000 for 2 people

1 guest per room

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Shared Twin Room 

$3,000 $2,800 per person

2 guests per room

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Shared Triple/Quad Room

$2,800 $2,600 per person

3-4 guests per room

Early Bird until July 15, 2024: $200 off

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"I took a huge leap of faith and found myself surrounded by unconditonal love and support. Veera's passion for people radiates in everything she does. The entire experience felt as though it was specifically designed for our exact group. As someone who typically shys away from vulnerability, I felt so surrounded by safety and love that I was able to fully let go and experience raw emotion with new found, but lifelong, friends. Truly remarkable! One day several months ago I woke up with no plan of a retreat, no knowledge of the area or what I was getting into, just a blind faith that it was the right move - I am so thankful that I listened to my gut, and that Veera showed me how to keep doing that so that I may stay in such an empowered state! Take the leap, its beyond worth it!"

-Nicole L., USA

Join us in Costa Rica