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Full Moon Ceremony July 22

Join us for our next livestream inside the Sacred Mariposa Community! It's the perfect opportunity to connect, learn, and grow together. When you sign up with a friend during the month of July, you’ll both receive an amazing 22% off our monthly or annual VIP membership. Use code MARIPOSAJOURNEY. Don’t miss out on this unique chance to start your Mariposa journey with this vibrant community!

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The Sacred Mariposa Community was created with a heartfelt intention to provide a sanctuary where women can cultivate a deeper connection to themselves. In a world often filled with noise and chaos, we strive to offer a space where every woman is truly seen, heard, and understood for the transformations and choices she is making on her journey. Here, amidst the supportive embrace of our community, women are encouraged to safely express themselves, shedding barriers and stepping into their authenticity.

The ultimate goal is to empower women to spread their wings, to embrace their unique essence, and to soar fearlessly into the fullness of their potential. By doing so, we raise the collective consciousness and pour from a full cup.

Welcome to a place where transformation is celebrated, and where every woman is invited to spread her wings and fly.

This is for you if you're...

  • struggling with feeling alone and like you don't belong

  • constantly feeling worry, anxiety and overwhelm

  • seeking a non-judgemental and safe space where you feel you can authentically express yourself

  • digging deeper into why you're stuck and doing the real self-work
  • in need of stress relief and holistic wellness to heal from burnout and the demands of daily life

  • open to deepen your practices with regulating your nervous system and  living intentionally
  • looking for connection and community with other women, a support network, and lasting friendships

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Monthly Moon Ceremonies

Immerse yourself in the magic of our LIVE moon ceremonies, where we come together to honor the lunar cycles. Here we are able to understand the meanings and themes different cycles provide. Growth and healing is so much more potent in the ceremonial spaces.

Exclusive Monthly LIVE Practice with Veera

These practices are created to compliment your own daily self-care routines and rituals. Regulate your nervous system, learn somatic movement, yoga, meditation, prayer, journaling and elemental rituals to support and elevate your transformation journey. 

Library of Resources

Gain unlimited access to our comprehensive library of resources, including

  • Wellness workbooks
  • Recordings of past ceremonies and practices
  • Self-paced materials to support your journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth

Community Platform

Connect with like-minded individuals utilizing the platform.

  • Share celebrations
  • Build meaningful connections
  • Ask questions
  • Join wellness challenges
  • Receive support

"The ceremonies are enlightening, fun, grounding, and connecting. I have learned how to create my rituals at home which has been amazing! Veera is authentic and her personal development really shows during these experiences and it is contagious! She has been an inspiration in my life. I highly recommend you connect with her."

Gabriela Hirsch, Costa Rica/USA

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My Own Mariposa Journey 

I was raised to be a doer. My parents expressed their love and affection through acts of service. However, there wasn't a significant period where they actively encouraged me to express myself and be heard. 

In my earlier years, I found validation through sports, particularly volleyball. Being recognized as an athlete brought me immense pride, especially since it seemed to resonate with my parents, who were deeply involved in volleyball. Little did I know, this intense focus on sports and fitness was my way of coping with my parents' divorce since I was 11-13 years old.

Moving abroad was a subconscious attempt to reclaim the sense of togetherness and adventure. Although living abroad and working on a cruise ship were isolating experiences, my relentless pursuit of that lost feeling kept me going.

It wasn't until I attended my first retreat in New Jersey in 2019 that I felt truly seen and heard among other women. This feeling intensified during the pandemic when I participated in my first women's circle, where I connected deeply with others who shared similar struggles. Investing in a Somatic Coach in 2020 marked a pivotal moment in my journey, as I began to realize that the fulfillment I sought externally was actually within me all along.

Despite delving into mindfulness practices like meditation, yoga, and journaling, I still grappled with deep-seated beliefs of not being enough and fear of rejection. These beliefs held sway over my actions, causing me to suppress my true feelings, engage in people-pleasing, and doubt my own capabilities.

Expressing my authentic self and pursuing my progressive aspirations felt daunting, as I often felt misunderstood by those around me. Yet, as I gravitated towards deeper connections and meaningful conversations, I began to embrace the possibilities and potential for growth and creation in my life.

Learn to Embrace & Explore

🦋 Authenticity

🦋 Connection

🦋 Co-Creation

🦋 Curiosity

🦋 Expression

Upcoming Schedule

  • Full Moon Ceremony - Mon, July 22nd - 6.30pm CDT

  • Sacred Self-Care Practice + Q&A - Mon, Aug 5th - 12pm CDT

  • Full Moon Ceremony - Tue, Aug 20th - 6.30pm CDT

  • Sacred Self-Care Practice + Q&A - Sep 4th - 12pm CDT

  • Full Moon Ceremony - Tue, Sep 17th - 6.30pm CDT

"I had no idea what to expect and was feeling a little apprehensive. As I entered the room, I felt welcomed and was washed with a feeling of peace and tranquility as I joined a group of like minded women sitting in a candlelit circle. We all placed offerings on to the alter and I immediately felt at ease. We opened up the ceremony with chanting and meditation. The ceremony was based on reflection of the past and moving towards visions of the future. We used the symbol of the butterfly for metamorphosis and growth. Veera gently guided us through each stage of the process through journaling and art. I believe that constant rituals reflect our beliefs and that the ceremonies that Veera offers can motivate us to tap in to our emotions, empower us and show us we are all united. If you are considering participating, I highly recommend it. Veera is an excellent teacher."

Leah McLaughlan, UK/Canada

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What other women has to share:


Jen Roth - Texas, USA

I am so happy with the group and always look forward to the calls. It is a great forum to share, then takeaway and digest new thoughts, actions, and commitments. Sessions supports my goal creation and accountability, so that I am much more likely to be consistent with both small and big wellness practices, and you can celebrate the successes with the group.


Libby Tuttle, Costa Rica/USA

Attending the ceremony was my first experience in such a space. I entered with an open mind and left with an open heart, feeling unexpectedly lighter. The guided meditation was the highlight, fostering a profound spiritual connection with a departed loved one. Since the ceremony, I've become more intentional in my daily life, prioritizing self-care and reconnecting with nature. The experience provided a much-needed reset, bringing peace in the days that followed. I wholeheartedly recommend Veera's ceremonies to those seeking intentional self-discovery in a nurturing environment. Especially to women feeling disconnected from their true selves amidst daily routines.

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About the Founder 

In a world often driven by competition and pursuit of achievement, Veera Korjala stands as a beacon of light, guiding women on a transformative journey to reconnect with their True Radiant Essence. With a unique blend of personal experience, education, and holistic healing practices, Veera empowers women to rediscover their inner power, wisdom and authenticity.

Veera's path to becoming a mentor for women seeking to embrace the women that they are in their fullest Light is a story of self-discovery, resilience, healing and profound growth. She excelled in a world that often emphasized doing and controlling pushing her physical and mental limits to the edge. However, this pursuit of doing more left her feeling disconnected from herself.

Recognizing the need for change in the pace of life and how she perceived things, Veera embarked on a personal journey of Somatic Divine Feminine and Chakra Healing. Over the course of last 6+ years, she immersed herself in the depths of these practices, exploring the disconnection between the mind, body, and spirit. Through this profound inner work, Veera discovered the Radiant Power within, a wellspring of strength, intuition, and nurturing energy that had been dormant within her.

Veera's educational background further enriches her capacity to guide others on their transformative journeys. Over the last 10 years, she has studied yoga, meditation, somatic mind-body coaching, and energy healing, creating a comprehensive toolkit to facilitate healing and growth in her clients. She also holds a Masters in Kinesiology and Sport Psychology. 

What truly sets Veera apart is not just her impressive credentials but her embodiment of the Divine Feminine and sacred self-care. Her enormous heart radiates warmth and compassion, enveloping those she mentors into a sense of safety and acceptance. Veera's gentle and non-judgmental attitude creates an inviting space for women to explore their vulnerabilities and rediscover their authenticity. She understands that the journey towards embracing one's True Radiant Essence is deeply personal and often involves confronting layers of conditioning and societal expectations. Veera is providing unwavering support and guidance to women on their own transformation journey.