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Prosperity Retreat

with Veera Korjala & Mikaela Soldan

Join the Prosperity Retreat where we explore the interconnected themes of Relationships, Vitality, Finances, and Purpose for holistic growth and abundance.

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Marianna Vankovicova, Slovakia

Pura Vida Retreat Participant 


Paula Helinski, USA

Pura Vida Retreat Participant 


Retreat Participants' Experiences

"Everything about this retreat was amazing. I took a huge leap of faith and found myself surrounded by unconditional love and support. Veera's passion for people radiates in everything she does. The entire experience felt as though it was specifically designed for our exact group, everything was exactly as we all needed it to be. This was truly a powerful week! As someone who typically shies away from vulnerability, I felt so surrounded by safety and love that I was able to fully let go and experience raw emotion with new found, but lifelong, friends. Truly remarkable!”

-Nicole Leonard, USA

"Before the retreat I felt stuck and worried, after I felt more empowered and inspired. We had a nice amount of yoga for the day's retreat. 

My biggest highlight was connecting with the other women and knowing that I’m not alone with life’s struggles and also witnessing Veera do her magic as a leader and shine. Biggest takeaways are that getting uncomfortable with conversations and being vulnerable with others can help you grow! It’s not easy, but it will be worth it.

I highly recommend VeeraWellness retreats to all who are looking to connect with their inner-selves, who want to focus on their overall wellness! Veera is the best!"

-Nicole Karas, USA

"Having done a retreat with Veera back in January of 2020, I knew that I could trust in her leadership and organizational abilities to guide us on an amazing journey; not only to a new and exciting destination, but on an inward journey as well. 

I was planning to become more in tune with my own body & to meet new, like- minded individuals and leave the retreat with new friends. Both were accomplished. 

The idea of knowing a new country and its people was an exciting aspect of the trip and was fulfilled by such great planning and creative events that these memories will stand out for years to come.

An aspect of this journey was the insightful mentoring that was provided in creating a community of safe and nurturing discourse. This allowed me to access feelings that had been holding back my productivity and serenity. I will continue to reflect on these revelations. For all of this, I am very grateful."

-Susie Soderqvist, USA