My Story

Growing up, all I wanted was to feel seen, heard, and understood.

I was raised to be a doer. My parents showed love and affection through acts of service. However, there weren't many times when they asked questions that could foster a sense of being seen and heard.

I was "seen" as a volleyball player, as an athlete, which I was very proud of because I could feel my parents were really proud of me. We were a volleyball family. I also discovered that  becoming obsessed with working out and eating were my coping mechanisms for the most traumatic event of my life: my parents' divorce when I was 11 years old.

Once the first opportunity came around, I moved abroad. I got the opportunity to my Hospitality Management studies in both Scotland (Aberdeen) and US (Oklahoma State University). I have since realized the decision was driven by a longing for the sense of togetherness I experienced as a child when my parents were still together, and when we traveled. During those times, they were present, and we had playful, fun and adventurous quality time together.

After undergrad, I worked as a Fitness Director on the luxurious cruise ship (picture) and pursued my Master's in Kinesiology & Sport Psychology at University of Texas. As amazing as it may sound, I still felt really lonely and isolated. I felt I didn't have people in my life that understood what I was mentally and emotionally going through.

It wasn't until I attended my first retreat in New Jersey in 2019 that I felt truly loved and heard by other women. Amidst the pandemic, I joined my first women's circle, where I felt uplifted and deeply connected with others. Through this experience, I was paired with someone who, like me, was trapped in a cycle of overdoing and comparing herself to others. Taking a leap of faith, I invested in my first Somatic Coach in 2020. It was then that a new world began to unfold within me, a world I had always sought outside of myself, in every port I ever visited.

I had already been deepening my mindfulness practices, but something was missing. In 2018, I began regularly meditating, deepened my yoga practice, and discovered journaling as an outlet for emotional roller coasters. However, deeply rooted beliefs of not being enough, fear of rejection, and loneliness were still on the driver's seat of my subconscious mind. I found myself hesitating to speak my truth, instead swallowing it, falling into patterns of people-pleasing, and consistently placing others before myself. Self-doubt clouded my perception of my abilities and skills.


I felt profoundly insecure about expressing my authentic self and articulating my dreams and what I wanted to create in life. I felt that I was not understood by so many people. I recognize now that I was afraid to share my vision out of the fear of being judged by others. I  also recognize that I was scared of making others feel uncomfortable by sharing my true self. 

The groups I spent my time in began to shift. Table conversations changed into deeper, more meaningful discussions. The realm of possibilities expanded, along with avenues for personal and collective co-creation.

As a Somatic Wellness Coach, Spiritual Transformational Leader, Ceremonialist, and Women's Global Community & Retreat Facilitator, I specialize in crafting intentional spaces where women can truly be seen, heard, and understood. In doing so, I provide a pathway for them to authentically see themselves. There's nothing more empowering than fostering such transformative connections.



I'm here to empower women to use their voice to speak their truth. Many women have the inner belief system that they're not worthy or capable of creating life on their terms where their needs are met. Often women avoid dealing with deep emotions that keep coming up to the surface. Instead, they suppress them with food, shopping, Netflix or alcohol.

Here is an invitation to embrace ALL the emotions and transform the pain into wisdom. This is done by slowing down and regulating the nervous system. By doing so, the connection to the heart and intuition opens. After years of leaving themselves last, now they can rediscover their true essence before the world told them who to be.

I strongly believe in leading by example. Everything above I've gone through myself and continue to grow and expand to be the highest version of myself. I coach women through 1-on-1 somatic coaching, and transformational holistic wellness retreats in Finland, Costa Rica and the USA.

Welcome! Thank YOU for being here ❤️🙏🏻

 What pathways have you found beneficial on your journey?

Here are some of the tools I am committed to serving others with.

They've been transformational on my own journey and dozens of women around the world I've personally worked with in the last decade.



Become aware of the present with acceptance & non-judgment 

Yoga, deep breathing techniques, slowing down, insightful journaling, intentions.



Experience the world through the body & senses.

Somatic connection with oneself by using elements of breath, sound, movement. 



Create your dream from an idea into a reality with law of attraction.

Higher Self connection,  visualization, living in gratitude, asking & receiving.





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